Feb 20, 2011


I got these shoes for $5!

Feb 14, 2011

♡ Retro X-Rated Valentine Update! ♡

A few of the final products.

And my personal favourite...


First off, Pickle would like to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!

And secondly, my shmoopy got me a heart shaped pizza and roses! SUCH A GREAT VALENTINES DAY! He knows me so well. ♡

♡ Retro X-Rated Valentines! ♡

So while I wait for my Shmoopy to get home on this fine Valentines Day, I decided to whip up a few special Valentines Day cards out of some retro, raunchy porn magazines I had lying around.

♡ Happy Valentines Day! ♡

Feb 11, 2011

♡ Best Hair Days of My Life ♡

There are a few select days in everyone's life when their hair is absolutely perfect. When it's the perfect cut, colour and style and everything goes the way you want it to.
These are a few of my favourite hair days.

New Years Eve, December 2009
My hair is naturally SUPER straight, too straight, so straight it doesn't usually hold a style for more than a few hours. So I'm always amazed when it stays wavy for an entire night (like it did that New Years.)

January 23rd 2010
This was a seriously awesome night from what I remember. I believe I went to a Good Burger party, awesome hair, awesome outfit.

March 18th 2010
This awesome hair day came when I was spending a week house sitting/dog sitting at Tylor's dad's house. On this day Tylor went out and left me all alone with Max that day, so Jessica came and picked us up and we took him to the beach. Good hair, good day.

April 10th 2010
I don't even know what I did that day but it was after the first time I put that pink streak in my hair and it looked awesome. I don't think it ever looked that neat again.

August 29th 2010
Kim did the hair for this picture, it is one of my favourites. I really wish I could do my hair like this everyday.

November 2010
What is better than sparkly, teased, purple hair!

Feb 10, 2011

Blonde Mullet Crica Summer '07

I was totally aiming for a Jemina Pearl look when I bleached my hair blonde.

Stuff In My Room

Yes, I am such a nerd that I actually framed this.

Feb 5, 2011

♡ God Bless America ♡

This past week I took a road trip down to Seattle for a few days! Being from Vancouver, there's a lot of awesome stuff that we can't get up here, like Cherry Coke, Bubble Yum and 20 McNuggets for $5. So of course I was totally stoked to go down to the states and get all this awesome stuff. I had a total of 60 McNuggets during my stay in the state and my god they were the best nuggets I have ever had. Mmmm.

I like to consider myself a bargain master when it comes to getting neat things for super cheap. I only brought $150 with me and I got a ton of cool stuff! Check out that sweet Madonna shirt from the kid's section at the Gap.

Whenever I travel anywhere I love to go thrift store shopping, so of course I looked up the nearest Value Village. I got all this stuff for $40 and found that Betsey Johnson purse for $10! SO AWESOME!!!

And of course I had to stock up on Dr. Pepper lip balm, it's my absolute favourite thing ever.