Feb 11, 2011

♡ Best Hair Days of My Life ♡

There are a few select days in everyone's life when their hair is absolutely perfect. When it's the perfect cut, colour and style and everything goes the way you want it to.
These are a few of my favourite hair days.

New Years Eve, December 2009
My hair is naturally SUPER straight, too straight, so straight it doesn't usually hold a style for more than a few hours. So I'm always amazed when it stays wavy for an entire night (like it did that New Years.)

January 23rd 2010
This was a seriously awesome night from what I remember. I believe I went to a Good Burger party, awesome hair, awesome outfit.

March 18th 2010
This awesome hair day came when I was spending a week house sitting/dog sitting at Tylor's dad's house. On this day Tylor went out and left me all alone with Max that day, so Jessica came and picked us up and we took him to the beach. Good hair, good day.

April 10th 2010
I don't even know what I did that day but it was after the first time I put that pink streak in my hair and it looked awesome. I don't think it ever looked that neat again.

August 29th 2010
Kim did the hair for this picture, it is one of my favourites. I really wish I could do my hair like this everyday.

November 2010
What is better than sparkly, teased, purple hair!


  1. Your hair is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life, omg. *-*

  2. any colors suits you well....
    I think about changing my purple to teal since a moment....maybe next summer...:)

  3. http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lgrphjOciF1qzzgdvo1_500.jpg