Sep 29, 2010

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

My plans for school this year have so far not worked out. So instead of sitting around rotting, regretting and worrying I am going to use this free time and expand my mind as much as possible.
This means reading, drawing, writing, watching movies, etc. as much as possible.
I'm actually going to try to keep up with current events and talk about things and have opinions on things.
I am going to create things to look back on and be proud of. I'm going to learn about what I want to, on my own terms.

Sep 28, 2010


I really hate when people use the term "Fashion Punk" or "Pseudo-Punk," especially when someone said to me.

I have never claimed to be punk or be a punk. Why can't I stud my jacket if I want to? Why can't I listen to whatever music I like whether is be David Bowie or FALL OUT BOY or G.G. Allin? Fuck. I like what I like, and I can like WHATEVER I like and I fucking will. It doesn't mean I'm trying to be anything I'm not, as cliche as it sounds, I'm just being myself. Don't try to bring me or anyone else down for that shit.

And fuck ya'll haterz, I do fucking love pre-'Infinity On High' Fall Out Boy. 'Take This To Your Grave' is one of my favourite albums ever. I've seen them twice in concert and got my CD signed! I'M NOT ASHAMED! SUCK ON THAT! AHYEYEYEYEYEYE!!!!

If you would like to come talk to me/ask me questions/quote FOB lyrics, please feel free to do so here!

Sep 20, 2010

Sep 17, 2010

Sep 6, 2010


I've been searching Google Images for a good picture of original 90's Doodle Bears & Doodle Pets that we all knew, but all I can find are pictures the stupid new ones, so I took pictures of my own.

I also dyed my jean jacket pink a few weeks ago, so I too now look like a Doodle Bear <3!