Feb 5, 2011

♡ God Bless America ♡

This past week I took a road trip down to Seattle for a few days! Being from Vancouver, there's a lot of awesome stuff that we can't get up here, like Cherry Coke, Bubble Yum and 20 McNuggets for $5. So of course I was totally stoked to go down to the states and get all this awesome stuff. I had a total of 60 McNuggets during my stay in the state and my god they were the best nuggets I have ever had. Mmmm.

I like to consider myself a bargain master when it comes to getting neat things for super cheap. I only brought $150 with me and I got a ton of cool stuff! Check out that sweet Madonna shirt from the kid's section at the Gap.

Whenever I travel anywhere I love to go thrift store shopping, so of course I looked up the nearest Value Village. I got all this stuff for $40 and found that Betsey Johnson purse for $10! SO AWESOME!!!

And of course I had to stock up on Dr. Pepper lip balm, it's my absolute favourite thing ever.


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  1. randomly, i too bought betsey johnson pajamas this weekend.