Apr 13, 2012

Essence Cosmetics

If you know me at all, you will know that I love a good bargain, and I really hit the jackpot on this one.
Essence Cosmetics, a line originating in Germany, has recently launched their products in Shopper's Drug Mart stores across Canada, and the best part is none of their products are more than $5!!!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THIS!? Nail polish for $1.49, Lip gloss for $2.49, Liquid Eyeliner for $3, it is seriously insane.
And not to mention the quality of their products is pretty decent. So far I have been happy with everything from this line (Although I have yet to try out their mascaras, I hear they're great as well.)

It's safe to say that I am in love with their collection of lipsticks and at $2.50, I'm aiming to own every colour by the end of the month.

(Here I am wearing lipstick in 'Frosted' & XXXL Shine lipgloss in 'Bubble Babe')

And my favourite product by far is their eyeliner pen. You have no idea how long I have been looking for a reasonably priced eyeliner PEN, and this one is only $3. It's great for perfecting cat eyes and drawing hearts on your cheek (à la Marina & The Diamonds, and here's a sweet tutorial by girl-guts!)

Anyway ya'll should go check this stuff out, for under $5 you can't lose!


  1. i love their products as well, they're really cheap and good :)

  2. I'm from Germany and I love essence too :D
    They got great products and I especially love the nail polish and some of their mascara...
    As far as I'm concerned I love the 'all about cupcake' lipstick!
    Sometimes they also got awesome limited editions :)

  3. Idk if they had it in Canada, but i use to freaking love ELF products. It sounds a lot like Essence. They had cheap but great quality make-up and the BEST eye-lashes i have ever used for only 99 cents. But they stopped selling it for some reason. Too bad i live in the US though...

  4. my mom just picked up an eye-liner pen for me from maybelline, it's such an amazing product!!!