Mar 26, 2012

♡ Hunx & His PunxXx ♡

March 23rd @ The Waldorf
Victoria, Vicky, Jody and I went to see Hunx & His Punx w/ Heavy Cream & White Lung. And APPARENTLY Hunx had Justin Chapman aka Nobunny on guitar, but who would really know him without his bunny mask right?
It was an awesome show, and a very lucky night. First Victoria wins us tickets, then while we're outside drinking we find an unopened 2 liter of Vex, and then on the way home we find a free t-shirt at the bus stop. On top of that tons of free buttons and junk. Oh and we met them all, including Shannon who was the coolest chick ever!!!! It was a great night!


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  1. isn't shannon such a sweetheart?! i met her last friday in seattle! i actually wrote in my blog about it, lol!