Aug 28, 2010


Hey guys. Okay for any of you who think you may have added me to Facebook, there are some fake accounts of me going around.

I do have a few people from Tumblr added to my real Facebook like Sophie and Amalia, but usually I do not give out my Facebook for personal info reasons and stuff, which I why I use Formspring/Myspace/Blogspot to keep in touch with my Tumblr friends.

Here’s a link to the fake accounts:!/profile.php?id=100000878365710

So if you have these dumb fucks added, harass them, report them, etc. because they are actually impersonating me.

Most of my accounts on pretty much every website have the username chelsamander or it’s in the url so anything using my image without that name is suspicious. I have the links to my Myspace, Formspring, Flickr and Blogspot in the info section of my Tumblr.

So yeah, this is creepy as fuck right? And thank you to whoever dropped that link on my Formspring about the first girl using my pictures, that’s how I managed to track down these ones.

And if you find anymore fake profiles with my pictures or anyone else that you know for that matter, please tell me or them, because fake profiles are seriously not cool and can get kind of dangerous.

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