May 20, 2010

Yo guys.
So lately I've been on an ice cream kick, and it just so happens I have a box of Drumsticks sitting in my freezer, which means I've been pigging out on like 2 of these a day.
Probably not such a good idea when I have my Bettie Page themed photoshoot with James tomorrow.
Skimpy outfits + Ice cream binges = no.

Also, here's an example of me wasting my money on stupid things.
I bought this child's elephant costume for $2. Cheap, but when am I ever going to need this. Not many people have zoo themed parties these days.


  1. elephant costume = fuck yes! haha i love those strawberry shortcake pops and drumsticks are sweet too
    Yummmm ^-^

  2. holy moly, i love your blog and your tumblr.

    i posted your 80's collage on my blog--it's lovely!

  3. you're crazy. i love it. i'm glad you started a blog.

  4. I can see from the previous comments your tumblr is totally unsuccesful huh? I wonder why you keep blogging there :P
    LOL you have a wonderful room (attics totally rock) and amazing blue hair :)
    generally, love your unique style :)

  5. I love your stylee!! :D and your hair is awesomee